You will meet with Dr. Craig to discuss the reason you are seeking chiropractic care.  In order for us to determine if chiropractic is right for you, we may ask questions regarding previous injuries, postural habits, sports, medication usage and results, diet, repetitive stressors, etc. If we think your problem is outside of our expertise, we will let you know.



After the consultation, the doctor will perform an examination.  The examination will consist of height, weight and blood pressure, postural evaluation, range of motion, orthopedic and/or neurological testing, chiropractic examination, and digital x-rays (if necessary).



After completing the examination, your chiropractic treatment will begin.  There are many different chiropractic methods, and at Paris Family Chiropractic we use the following:

  • Dr. Craig uses diversified, Thompson and Activator Methods to adjust the spine and extremities.


After your adjustment, physical therapy modalities may be utilized to help in the healing process.  Modalities offered are:

  • Decompression traction

  • Cervical curve restoration traction

  • Intersegmental traction (roller table)

  • Ultrasound 

  • Electrical therapy (inferential and E-Stim)

  • Laser therapy

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization

  • Kinesiotaping

  • Dry hydrotherapy table

  • Cold/heat therapy

Diversified & Thompson Adjustments

Manual spinal adjustments with or without a drop.

Activator Methods

A high velocity, low amplitude instrument assisted technique.

Extremity Adjusting

Shoulders, clavicle, ribs, TMJ, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles and feet can be adjusted manually or with an Activator.